Services Provided


Provide statistical and analytical perspectives on R&D funding and trends, track the status of the S&T enterprise in the participating jurisdictions as well as identify metrics to document impact of the federal-wide EPSCoR/IDeA program.

Strategic Planning:

Conduct strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis as well as other types of needs assessments to better understand federal program requirements (conceptually and programmatically), inform federal program development, and help set funding priorities.

Program Development:

Conceptualize new strategies and federal programs to enhance and/or expand agency offerings for the benefit of participating states.

Agency and State Liaison:

Maintain appropriate liaison with external funding agencies to gather information and market EPSCoR/IDeA priorities, ideas, goals, and accomplishments; coordinate meetings between EPSCoR/IDeA representatives and agency officials.

Marketing and Outreach:

Increase awareness of the EPSCoR/IDeA program and market its importance to a variety of stakeholders, including the EPSCoR/IDeA community, the federal agencies, the participating states, the broader S&T community, and Congress. The EIF produces and disseminates reports, newsletters, fact sheets, testimony, and other briefing documents. In addition, EIF staff make presentations at state and agency meetings to discuss the value-added of the program. In this sense, we serve as an information clearinghouse.